Polyseal™ Tint and
Polyseal™ WB Tint

Pigments to turn clear Polyseal™ Formulation into Decorative Colored Sealers

ChemMasters produces high quality, concentrated pigment specifically designed to color our Polyseal formulations.


Polyseal Tint & Polyseal WB Tint are packaged in 1/2 gallon units. Each unit of tint is sufficient to pigment 5 gallons of a clear PolySeal formulation. All Polyseal Tint formulations are made from inorganic pigments, which resist outdoor wear and UV exposure. Once mixed and applied to concrete, Polyseal with tint will create an opaque, decorative acrylic that will beautify, seal, harden and dustproof the concrete. Typically two coats each applied at 300 square feet per gallon by brush, roller or sprayer will provide long-lasting color and protection to exterior concrete.

Standard Colors