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ASTM C-1315

Standard Specifications for Liquid Membrane Forming Curing Compounds and Curing and Sealing Compounds.

The new ASTM specification that deals with curing and sealing compounds. It does not replace ASTM C-309 which covers membrane forming curing compounds. ASTM C-1315 allows design engineers and architects to distinguish high performance materials with particular characteristics desirable for various types of projects. An outline of the specification's requirements follows:


Type 1: clear
Type ID: clear with fugitive dye
Type II: white pigmented


Class A: non-yellowing, Gardner Color Standard No. 1
Class B: moderate yellowing, Gardner Color Standard No. 3
Class C: severe darkening and yellowing

Minimum Solids Content:

minimum 25%

Moisture Retention:

0.40 Kg/M2 in 72 hours, @39°C with 32% relative humidity


Type I — 300 Ft2/gal. — 7.4 M2/L
Type II — 200 Ft2/gal. — 5.0 M2/L

Dry Time:

4 hours, to touch

Reflectance Properties:

Type II only: 65% dry light reflectance

Sealing Properties:

Shall adhere to freshly placed concrete surfaces, shall form a continuous film, shall not react deleteriously with concrete or be affected by the alkalis in cement.