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  • ChemMasters
  • Murphy's Tire Mounting Lubricants
  • Phoenix Pipe Lubricant Products
  • KoolRite Long-Life Metalworking Coolants

Our family of brands represents innovative products for the construction, automotive and metalworking industries.


ChemMasters is a specialized manufacturer of concrete coatings and chemicals. Every product from ChemMasters is for the improvement, repair or protection of concrete or masonry.

Murphy's Tire Mounting Lubricants

The Murphy brand of tire mounting lubricants is recognized worldwide as a superior lube for bead packing, consumer tire mounting and for the mounting requirements of high performance, truck, off-road vehicles or motorcycles.

Phoenix™ Pipe Joint Lubricants

The Phoenix brand of pipe joint lubricant products is the pipe industry's best known and most trusted.

KoolRite™ Long Life Metalworking Coolants

KoolRite coolants are establishing a new standard for performance, long-life and operator comfort.