Committed To Environmental Responsibility

ChemMasters is committed to the principles of environmental security and sustainable building practices. As a family owned company, we understand the necessity of being a reliable steward of environmental quality for generations to come.

ChemMasters is the model of a good corporate citizen in today’s complicated world.

  You can rely upon ChemMasters to employ:
  • A strict adherence to all state and Federal regulations that govern what we make, how we make it, how and where they are consumed. You can use ChemMasters products with the satisfaction of knowing they are made by a family owned company with a deep reverence for the world in which we live.
  • A state of the art research laboratory to design products that use fewer of the earth’s valuable resources.
  • Corporate cultures to develop products that perform better, last longer, and minimize their impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.
  • An emphasis on development of low-VOC and water-based technologies with reduced impact upon the air, water and land we all share.
  • Education of our employees and consumers of ChemMasters products in the proper application and use of our products to improve the safety of our customers and the environment.
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED, Green Building Council).