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About ChemMasters | Innovative Concrete Chemicals

These products are for thinning, surface prep and clean-up of concrete surfaces.

ChemMasters, Inc. is a specialized manufacturer of concrete coatings and chemicals. We have no secondary or ancillary products: everything we do relates specifically to the improvement, repair and protection of concrete and masonry.

We are innovators.

Our intense focus on concrete, coupled with a state-of-the-art research and development facility has yielded many concrete industry “firsts” as well as products that are unique to us. Because of our knowledge of concrete chemistry, we are able to innovate at a level not found elsewhere. An important example of this is ChemMasters' acknowledged leadership in the formulation and manufacturing of low-VOC solvent-based products for use in the states that require them. We offer an extensive line of environmentally-friendly, high performance concrete cure and seal products.

Whether you need concrete chemicals for highway construction, commercial construction or residential construction, you will benefit from our concrete knowledge, integrity, and independence.

We manufacture our products to meet strict quality control standards and equal or exceed all applicable testing standards and applicable specifications, such as ASTM C-309 or ASTM C-1315. They have been thoroughly field tested to ensure they work right in a wide range of conditions on the job.

ChemMasters offers a well trained sales force, a fast growing distribution network, expert technical assistance and reliable customer service.

Our company is family owned and operated, and has been so for over fifty years. During this time, we have proudly expanded the quantity and depth of our product lines, while competing head-to-head with publicly owned conglomerates. We are equally proud of our ability to compete successfully in a distressed construction market, and we attribute this success with “staying true” to the values of our founder.

During our company's infancy, our founder would preach the importance of innovation, customer loyalty, and treating people fairly; principles that remain as the cornerstones of our legacy. He also taught us that a great business runs on having better products, better service, and competitive prices. These are lessons taught by an American entrepreneur who built his business 50 years ago, and they're equally valid today.

If you are concerned about your current supplier's inventory reductions, employee reductions, deteriorating customer service, lack of technical advice, or where they place you on their scale of priorities, we welcome you to join our list of successful customers.