DuraShield SRT

High gloss, chemical and abrasion
resistant catalyzed acrylic coating for interior concrete.

DuraShield SRT combines the chemical resistance of an epoxy, with the abrasion resistance of a urethane, in an easy to use catalyzed acrylic formula.

DuraShield SRT is a new generation high performance concrete sealer that incorporates the gloss and application characteristics of a solvent-based sealer, the low VOCs and easy clean-up of a water-based product, the chemical resistance of an epoxy and abrasion resistance of a urethane. DuraShield SRT develops a rich, high gloss, wet-look to deepen the color and enhance the appearance of pigmented, decorative concrete. DuraShield SRT can be used to reseal concrete and may be used in cooler temperatures (down to 40°F / 4.4°C).

Unlike standard acrylic sealers, DuraShield SRT will not soften with exposure to solvents. DuraShield SRT is a 2-component, high solids, catalyzed sealer that provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance and will never yellow. DuraShield SRT contains no solvent. A functionalized alkoxy silane is added before application to crosslink the resin for maximum performance.