ChemPatch Form & Pour

Single Component, Fiber Reinforced, Form and Pour Repair Mortar

ChemPatch Form & Pour is a single component, shrinkage compensated, fiber reinforced repair mortar with air entrainment. Its pumpability, flow and outstanding freeze/thaw durability make it an excellent choice for large scale form and pour applications, indoors and out.


ChemPatch Form & Pour is a one component, shrinkage compensated, cementitious fiber reinforced mortar with air entrainment, suitable for large scale form and pour applications. It exhibits excellent flow and pumping characteristics in a wide variety of environmental conditions, with exceptional freeze/thaw durability. ChemPatch Form & Pour has an extended initial set that prevents cold joints on large projects, while producing a high quality substrate surface that can be reliably stripped from forms within 24 hours. ChemPatch Form & Pour may be placed neat, or extended up to 60% with 3/8” pea gravel for deeper repairs.