Concrete Gloss Restorer™ XL

Restores Gloss to Dull Weathered Sealers

ChemMasters' Gloss Restorer™ XL is specifically designed to safely and easily bring back the “like new” appearance of sealed decorative, stamped, or engraved concrete surfaces.

Gloss Restorer™ XL enhances the gloss and luster of finishes from a variety of chemical compositions such as acrylic, styrene-acrylic, modified vinyl toluene-acrylics, and more, when they are not severely damaged. Gloss Restorer™ XL includes a cross-linking function for improved durability and gloss. The “Is Gloss Restorer XL Right for Me? Identifying An Acceptable Substrate” slideshow will help you determine if Gloss Restorer XL will bring back the shine to your dull, or weathered sealer.