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Safety Precautions When Working with Cement Containing Products

When working with any Portland cement containing products follow good dust handling practices. The guidelines below are general precautions that will allow for safe handling, application and storage of ChemMasters cement containing products:

  • Cement dust, although only classified as a nuisance dust, can irritate skin, eyes, throat and upper respiratory tract. Work in well ventilated areas, where possible.
  • Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment during surface preparation procedures and the mixing process which generates significant dust. Personal Protective Equipment includes goggles, water/alkali-resistant gloves and if applying products in enclosed areas, a P-95 dust mask. Dust masks are generally recommended during product mixing, especially if you will be breaking open numerous bags throughout a project. Once mixing is complete the dust mask may be removed.
  • Always read the material safety data sheet in its entirety, paying close attention to sections 2 and 4 for hazards and first aid measures, respectively.
  • Avoid wet cement coming in contact with skin, eyes or mucous membranes as wet cement is highly alkaline and can leave aggressive burns if allowed to remain on the skin for extended periods of time. Should wet cement splash onto skin and clothing, remove affected clothing immediately and wash skin with mild soap or dish detergent and water.
  • Once the application is completed, any unopened bags should be stored in a dry, safe location such as a garage, storage shed or building away from water and high humidity. Placing a plastic tarp over unused bags will prolong the shelf life.