Translucent Tint

System for Staining Concrete

Translucent Tint is concentrated tint that can e mixed with a clear solvent-based sealer or cure & seal product to create a translucent stain for concrete and masonry.


Translucent Tint can be used with any ChemMasters' solvent-based acrylic roduct including our low-VOC acetone formulations.

A Translucent Tint treated ChemMasters sealer provides long-lasting protection from abrasion, UV exposure, staining, freeze-thaw damage, salts and many other chemicals.

In addition, a Translucent Tint treated sealer enhances the beauty of all concrete especially exposed aggregate concrete.


The standard application rate for Translucent Tint is 1 quart (single) or 2 quarts (double) per 5-gallon pail of clear acrylic sealer. The dosage rate used depends on the decorative effect desired. Using a double dose of Translucent Tint per pail will darken and deepen the color more than a single dose (See color chart).

Once determined, the same amount of Translucent Tint per pail should be used for the entire project. It is recommended that a 1-quart application be tested before adding a second quart.

Easy To Use: Pour 1 or 2 quarts of Translucent Tint into a 5-gallon pail of a clear solvent-based ChemMasters sealer or cure & seal and stir.

Translucent Tint mixes quickly and easily. Apply the stain with a brush, roller or sprayer according to the directions on the 5-gallon pail.