Penetrating Silane Cure and Seal
for Broom Finished Concrete

Silencure™ is a solvent-based, pure acrylic copolymer curing and sealing compound for concrete.

When applied to fresh concrete, Silencure™ produces a non yellowing, clear, continuous film, which effectively cures fresh concrete and provide a tough protective acrylic film to the surface.

Silencure is unique because in addition to being an effective film forming curing and sealing compound, it contains silane. The silane penetrates the fresh concrete and provides long term protection for the concrete after the film has dissipated.

Unlike other silane or siloxane treatments, Silencure can be applied to fresh concrete to cure to ASTM C-309 standards. Unlike other curing compounds, Silencure penetrates into the pores of the concrete and forms a hydrophobic gel that meets the chloride ion restrictions of NCHRP 244 to reduce the penetration of water, salts and deicing chemicals.