Silencure™ DOT

White Pigmented Wax Emulsion
Curing Compound with Penetrating
Silane/Siloxane Sealer

Silencure DOT is a water-based, white pigmented wax emulsion curing compound with penetrating silane/siloxane sealer for concrete pavement. When applied to freshly placed concrete, Silencure DOT produces a continuous film, allowing it to retain water, enable its full hydration, and allowing it to achieve higher ultimate strengths while reducing surface cracks. The white pigmentation keeps the concrete surface cool, and ensures the maximum achievement of its mix design specifications.

Silencure DOT is unique to any other highway pavement curing compounds because in addition to being an effective film forming curing and sealing compound, it contains silane and siloxane. Both silane and siloxane penetrate the fresh concrete and provide long term protection, even after the film has dissipated.

Unlike other silane or siloxane treatments, Silencure DOT can be applied to fresh concrete and cures to ASTM C309 standards. Unlike other curing compounds, Silencure DOT penetrates into the pores of the concrete and forms a hydrophobic gel that meets the chloride ion restrictions of NCHRP 244 to reduce the penetration of water, salts and deicing chemicals.