Shelf Life of Water-Based Cures & Sealers

Product NameDescriptionShelf-Life per ChemMasters Lab
EZ Strip Cure™Easy-to-Remove Indoor Concrete Curing Compounds1 Year
Chemisil™Liquid Concrete Floor Hardener, Sealer & Waterproofer2 Years
Chemisil™ PlusHigh Performance Liquid Concrete Floor Hardener, Sealer, Dustproofer2 Years
Chemisil™ Plus ORChemically Reactive Oil Resistant Penetrating Treatment for Concrete2 Years
Gloss Restorer™ SRTTreatment to Chemically Alter Weathered Concrete Sealers1 Year
Safe-Cure® & Seal 309Economical Indoor Concrete Cure & Seal1 Year
Safe-Cure® & Seal EPXEpoxy Concrete Cure & Seal2 Years
Safe-Cure & Seal EPX/UVR2 Years
Safe-Cure® 1000White Pigmented Wax Highway Cure1 Year
Safe-Cure® 1000 ClearPigment-Free Wax Highway Cure1 Year
Safe-Cure® 1200High Solids White Pigmented Wax Highway Cure1 Year
Safe-Cure® 1200 ClearHigh Solids Pigment-Free Wax Highway Cure1 Year
Safe-Cure 1200 VA1 Year
Safe-Cure® 2000White Pigmented Resinous Highway Cure1 Year
Safe-Cure® 35001 Year
Safe-Cure® Clear DRDissipating Resin for Outdoor Concrete Curing1 Year
SafeSeal™Low Solids Concrete Cure & Seal Minimizes Blushing1 Year
SpallGuard™ WB 10%Penetrating Siloxane Low-VOC Water-Based Concrete Sealer & Waterproofer2 Years
SpallGuard™ WB 7 %2 Years
SpallGuard™ WB ConcentrateConcentrated Siloxane Water Repellent for Concrete and Masonry2 Years
Sure-Lock WB2 Years